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The Film Mad Max Fury Road (2015)

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The Film Mad Max Fury Road (2015)

Gửi bàigửi bởi leehi » Thứ 7 09 Tháng 7, 2016 9:45 am

The Film Mad Max Fury Road (2015)
Country: USA
Running Time: 120 Minutes
Cast: George Miller, Brendan McCarthy
Director: George Miller
Context in a place far away from the film of the earth, where the desert that covered most of the surface and most of them are frantically struggling for life’s necessities.
In this world there are two fleeing rebels who are believed to be able to restore the world order.

Hình ảnh
Including Max Movie , a man of action and few words, are seeking peace of mind after losing his wife and children as a result of the chaos. And Furiosa, a woman always act and believe that their path to survival can be achieved if she can cross the desert base of beloved homeland.
Mad Max
Police Shooting
house China
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Ngày tham gia: Thứ 6 04 Tháng 10, 2013 10:36 pm

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